Viking Chape and Locket set for Scabbard.

Make Your Own Medieval

$34.95 AUD 


Make Your Own 8th – 11th century scabbard with this chape and locket set .

Wear the sword you just made with pride and craft your own unique scabbard.

Based on an original Birka grave find (643). The set is created in the Borre art style which was most popular during the 9th and 10th cenbtury.

This chape and locket is Made from 100% brass with an average thickness of 3.5mm.

Great for historical re-enactors, SCA and LARP with Viking,  early middle ages, Anglo Saxon and Norman personas.

The chape measures 9.5 cm high with a width of 4.5 cm and depth of 3 cm
The Locket measures 3.5 cm high with a width of 7 cm and depth of 3cm

Set includes one chape and one locket.