Viking Axe – Wheeler Type B . High Carbon and Tempered.

Make Your Own Medieval

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Make your own Viking axe with this reproduction Viking axe head based upon an extant artefact found in England called the London-Axe Strand on the Green axe (shown in last photo).

Axes of this type are categorised as type B using the Wheeler axe typology from the book Wheeler, R.E.M. (1927) London and the Vikings. London Museum Catalogues: No 1 from extant artefacts found in Britain.

The original artefacts are estimated to have been made in the late 10 to 11th century.

Type B axes of this were in most common use between the sixth to nine century between approximately AD600 – AD840 and saw use in Northern Europe, England and Rus localities.

The axe head is made from high carbon EN45 steel and is tempered. Unlike axes made from mild steel sheet with a rolled and welded socket this axe head will not bend when struck in combat. The axe has a flat back, so it is also great for woodworking around the reenactment or SCA encampment.  

The axe measures 15.5cm in length and has a cutting edge of 11.5cm.