Viking Axe – Wheeler Type B . High Carbon and Tempered.

Make Your Own Medieval

$74.95 AUD 


Make your own Viking axe with this reproduction Viking axe head based upon an extant artefact found in England called the London-Axe Strand on the Green axe (shown in last photo).

Axes of this type are categorised as type B using the Wheeler axe typology from the book Wheeler, R.E.M. (1927) London and the Vikings. London Museum Catalogues: No 1 from extant artefacts found in Britain.

 The original artefacts are estimated to have been made in the late 10 to 11th century.

Type B axes of this were in most common use between the sixth to nine century between approximately AD600 – AD840

The axe head is made from high carbon EN45 steel and is tempered. Unlike axes made from mild steel sheet with a rolled and welded socket this axe head will not bend when struck in combat. The axe has a flat back, so it is also great for woodworking around the reenactment or SCA encampment.  

The axe measures 15.5cm in length and has a cutting edge of 11.5cm.