Sword / Gun Weapon Bag

Make Your Own Medieval

$39.95 AUD 

Keep your swords, reenactment guns and other weapons and equipment protected during travel with this black nylon sword bag. Carry your swords to your next training without worring the general public.
The bag is opened and closed with a long zipper on the side and has one main compartment and two zipper compartments allowing the carry of three long items in separate compartments. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle so that the bag can be carried on the shoulder or held horizontally. The bag also has a 25cm x 12.5cm x 7cm zip up side bag to store a pair of gloves or cleaning or sharpening supplies. The bottom exterior of the bag is lined with leather to provide extra protection.
Great for martial artists, LARPers, historical reenactors, collectors and HEMA
This bag measures 127cm/ 50inches in length and 21cm / 8.5 inches wide and will fit a weapon that is up to 126cm long.

Please check your local laws before carrying your reenactment weapons in public.