Stukeley 15th century Playing Cards Deck

Make Your Own Medieval

$34.95 AUD 


This deck is a reproduction of a Medieval renaissance playing card set held by the British Museum called the Stukeley deck. Name after the former owner Dr. Stuckeley.

The cards are believed to have been made in Nuremberg during the mid to late 15th century. The original cards were found in the binding of an extant 15th century book.

The marks of the suits are hearts, bells, leaves and acorns and the coat cards are the knave, chevalier and king. The original card artefacts can be viewed on the British Museum website item number 1896,0501.522

These cards are visually interesting and for experienced players can add a new dimension to your games. Great for re-enactment and living history events these cards attract the interest of the public and give you something else to get up to after dark.

A great gift for father’s day, buy some coins to complete your medieval gambling set.

The set comes with a clear plastic case to protect the cards when not in use.

Printed on quality 300 gram card stock.