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St George Badge

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Lead alloy badges originated as souvenirs sold at the sites of Christian pilgrimages.  The earliest findings of this type comes from about second half of 12th century, fall of their popularity is beginning of 16th century with the height of their popularity being in the 14th and 15th centuries. Pilgrim badges could be worn as "proof" of a pilgrimage to a particular site, and from the 14th century other religious and secular badges also became popular. 

This replica is made of pewter and measures 41mm buy 30mm. It does not have a pin on the back, it is attached to clothing by sewing it on.

The badge depicts St George, the patron said of England, knights and fighters, slaying a dragon. This badge is worn to bring luck and protection from Saint George. Many variants of this style can be found throughout England, Netherlands, France and Germany from 1300-1500. This badge is based on an original from Paris dated 1350-1400

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