Spear Head - Polished

Make Your Own Medieval



This polished spearhead in the classic leaf shape is suitable for a wide variety of historical periods including Greek, Roman, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Medieval eras.

Whether you're looking for the perfect accessory for your next costume, or just aiming to please someone dear, this spear head will make anyone feel ready for the shield wall.

Hand forged and functional, this spear head has a pointed tip and is not safe for re-enactment combat.

The small size is a good size for making throwing spears and javelins.

Available in the following lengths:

Small - 20.3cm (8”) in length and 2.5cm (1”) in width.  

Large - 30.4cm (11”) in length and 2.5cm (1”) in width.  

XL - 38cm (15”) in length and 2.5cm (1”) in width.