Shoe Horn Made From Cow Horn with Leaf and Vine Design

Make Your Own Medieval

$11.95 AUD 


A shoehorn is a tool that is held against the inside back of a shoe to assist a person to slide their heel easily into the shoe. The use of a shoe horn helps to protect the back of the shoe from being crushed and damaged. They can also be used by people who can’t reach their feet due to injury or disability.

Shoehorns appear to have originated in the late Middle Ages. In the late 15th century a poem called "A Shoemaker's Verse Testament" (c.1475-1500) lists a shoe horn in the possessions a shoemakers leaves to his son. Evidence also exists for the use of shoe horns in the 16th century in the household of The Tudor Queen Elizabeth I. During the Medieval and Renaissance shoehorns were most likely owned by the wealthy who wore tight-fitting, custom-made shoes which were difficult to fit without a horn.  Shoe horns reached their peak of popularity during the Victorian era.  

This shoe horn is made from real cow horn and has a decorative leaf and vine design. 

The horn measures 22cm in length (not including the strap) by 5.8cm in width.