Ships Brass Cargo Oil Lantern

Make Your Own Medieval

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Do you know a person who is mad keen for fishing, boating or naval military history? Ensure the coast is clear with this functional ships kerosene lantern. You will be burning the midnight oil with this at your next party. This lantern is a reproduction of a Victorian era cargo lantern. Before vessels had electricity, British sailors attached these cargo lamps to ropes which where fixed to the sides of the cargo hold allowing them to run up and down the fixed ropes. The sailors would then hoist them up and down the vessel's hold to check on the state of the cargo they were carrying while at sea. The top hanger and the bottom hanger was used to stabilise the lantern from swaying once in place.

Lanterns such as these were used extensively aboard sailing vessels from the late 1700's until well into the 19th Century.

The lantern includes a reserve for lamp oil and woven wick.

This lantern is hand made from brass and glass and is well constructed. The lantern measures 37cm in height and 15.5cm in width when hung.

Just like any open flame please ensure that lanterns are burned within sight and not left unattended when in use, are kept away from combustible materials, animals and children and checked before use. Candle wicks should be trimmed so they do not generate a large flame.

A great nautical or maritime themed gift for dad, they look great hung in an entertainment area, deck, bar or pool room.

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