Rouelle Dagger. High Carbon EN45 and Tempered

Make Your Own Medieval

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Make Your Own Medieval Experience one to remember with this rouelle Dagger made from tempered, high carbon EN45 steel.

Rouelle daggers first appear in knightly effigies, brasses and paintings in the early 14th century and as the use of plate armour become more common on the battlefield so did the popularity of the rouelle dagger. Period illustrations show soldiers using this style of dagger in an “ice pick” stabbing motion. The long blade of the rondel dagger enabled the penetration of the venerable sections between plate and chainmail and was popular through the early 14th century to 15th and 16th century.

The Rouelle Dagger was essentially an elaborate and embellished Rondel Dagger with a blade that spirals from the hilt to the point of the blade. This style of dagger is most appropriate for knightly or wealthy personas as the rouelle appears in artwork to be exclusively a weapon used by the knightly class.

This dagger features a carved hardwood handle and decorative steel rondell hilts and pommel. The dagger has a full tang and is peened at the pommel. The dagger comes with a sheath of stitched leather with a loop to attach to your belt.

Total Length of the dagger is 45cm (17.5") and the Blade measures 30.5cm (12").

The dagger has a sharp point which will require rounding if used for historical re-enactment combat.