Roman Scutum Legionnaire Shield

Make Your Own Medieval

$189.95 AUD 


Make your own Roman experience with this Roman legionnaire shield.

This style of shield is believed to have been developed during the fourth century BC when the Romans changed from fighting in phalanx formation and developed a new military formation which was more flexible called the manipular formation. The shape of the shield was designed to deflect missiles to one side and provided a greater coverage than round shields used by the Greeks at the time.

This shield is made from 18 gauge metal and is hand painted with the symbol of four wings and arrow shaped thunderbolts. The thunderbolts are a symbol of the weapons of Jupiter and the wings represent his bird, the eagle. The shield features a steel shield boss which is securely riveted

The shield measures 89cm x 46.5 (35” x 18.5”)

Suitable for costuming or decoration.

Approximate weight : 5.1 Kg