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wooden gladiator roman gladius sword

Roman Gladius Wooden Dagger

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Need a practice sword for your HEMA, theatre production or Gladiator performance.

This dagger is inspired by the gladius sword which was used by the legions of Rome from approximately the 2nd century BC until the early 3rd century AD. The gladius was a short stabbing sword used for cutting and thrusting when fighting in tight infantry shield wall formations where the ability to swing/wield a longer blade were limited. The Roman legionnaire used the gladius to great effect to stab under and around opponents shields.

The gladius is believed to have originated in Iberia from the countries of modern Spain and Portugal and was adopted by Rome after Punic Wars of the 3rd century BCE when it was used by Iberian tribes fighting as mercenaries and allies of the Carthaginians. In addition to legionaries, the Roman gladius was also used by gladiators in the colosseum.

The Romans produced several designs of gladius, the three mains styles of which are the Mainz, Fulham, and Pompeii.

This sword is a Pompeii gladius which was the most popular among the three types of gladius. The Pompeii style is identified by its parallel double-edged cutting blade and triangular tip and was named by historians after the Roman town of Pompeii.

This wooden dagger is made from beech wood and has a smooth finish. It is 56.5cm in length with a hilt 10cm in width.

Please note that the tip on this sword does not have a rounded tip and can cause injury.

As this sword is made from wood it is not suitable for heavy hits.

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