Rohan Inspired Helm from Lord of The Rings

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This helm is inspired by the helm worn by the character Éomer of Rohan in the Lord of the Rings movies. Created by the writer J. R. R. Tolkien, aspects of Rohan culture were inspired by the history of Viking, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic Ostrogoths culture.

The Rohan were skilled horseman and this helm features decorative brass accents with a horse  motif. The helm also features decorative Celtic style knotwork and the carving  of a pair of stallions. The plume on the top of the helm is made from real horse hair.

This helmet is great for LARP groups who have a Viking influenced fantasy.

 This helmet includes a leather lining suspension and chinstrap with solid brass buckle that can be adjusted to better fit the wearer. The interior of the helm is also blackened to improve corrosion resistance.

The helmet is forged from 18 guage steel and has a circumference of 68cm which enables the wearer to also fit a suitable padded cap or coif. 

Wooden helmet stand shown available separately.

Please note. We do not recommend 18 gauge helmet for historical re-enactment combat. For safety we recommend a heavier thickness of steel preferably 14 gauge.

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