Mail Riveting Tool - Round Rivet Rings

Make Your Own Medieval

$32.95 AUD 


Maintain or make your own riveted chainmail with this blacksmith forged pair of tongs.

Made from steel and blacked for extra corrosion resistance.

Suitable for round riveted mail rings.

The tool measure 26cm in length.

Based on previous feedback, all tools are checked for alignment before being posted. To test the tools we oil the tool face and close the tool on a piece of paper, then open the tool. The oil marks the paper except where the tool is recessed for the rivet, which leaves a small unmarked dot on both sides of the paper. We pass a pin through one side of the paper at the centre of the dot. If the pin goes through the centre of the dot on the other side of the paper it is correctly aligned and centered.

Great for educational reeanctment performances.