Renaissance Rapier Sword

Make Your Own Medieval

$169.95 AUD 


Add some Tudor or Elizabethan atmosphere to your home décor or costume with this renaissance rapier sword.

Suitable for 16th and 17th century clothing and personas. Love the musketeers? This sword is for you.

Based on an period sword that blended both beauty and function-- the guard design had S-curved quillons in sweeping designs to protect the hand while still allowing free movement to the swordsman.

The sword includes a leather scabbard with polished chape and locket.

The handle is leather with a wrapped with wire handle and has a polished steel hand guard.

Overall Length : 46.5" / 118.1cm
Blade Length : 38" / 96.5cm

Please note this is a decorative sword and not suited to re-enactment combat.

Stand shown is not included and is available separately. 

Also available are belts and sword frogs to wear your rapier with style