Functional Reenactment Medieval Short Sword / Dagger. High Carbon EN45 and Tempered

Make Your Own Medieval

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Make Your Own Medieval Experience one to remember with this medieval dagger or short sword made from tempered, high carbon EN45 steel.

Designed for historical re-enactment combat the dagger is blunt with a rounded tip. It would also make a great costume accessory for SCAdianss and costumers.

The hilt of this dagger is based on the sword in a painting by Andrea del Castagno depicting Farinata degli Uberti from Florence. The pommel style was identified by the historian Ewart Oakeshott in the book The Sword in The Age of Chivalry (page 96) as a type K pommel. Oakeshott suggests that pommels of this style were rare before c.1260, fairly common between c.1290- c.1350 and popular again late 15th century.

The dagger features a wooden handle core with tightly woven steel wire handle which is generally considered more durable over time during combat than a leather handle. Surviving archaeological find of weapons with wire grips exist from the Viking age onwards. However, a greater number of swords have been found with wire hilts between the 14th to 18th century. This style of hilt was time consuming to make and would have increased the cost of the weapon. These hilts were most likely used by knights and wealthy merchants or nobles.
Some examples of extant artefacts with wire hilts include.
• The Cangrande I della Scala sword (early 14th century)
• The sword from Toledo Cathedral, (c1319)
• The sword of Estorre Visconti, Lord of Milan, (c1413).

This dagger is most suitable for upper class 14th and 15th century personas.

The dagger includes a sheath of stitched leather with a steel chape and a loop at the top to attach to your belt.

Total Length of the dagger in the scabbard is 62cm (24.4")

Total length of dagger 59.5cm (23.42")

The Blade measures 45cm (17.71").

Approximate weight including scabbard 900 grams