Red Tunic

Make Your Own Medieval

$71.95 AUD 


 Make your own medieval experience with this red tunic. Suitable for personas up the the late 14th century, including Viking, Norman and early middle ages. The tunic is slit up the front to allow for movement or horse-riding and has a faced keyhole neckline.  Wear it as it is or make it yours by adding embroidery, trim or applique.

Make Your Own Medieval tunics are made from hard wearing, heavy grade ‘linen look’ cotton, well sewn and all edges are hemmed, faced or (where it doesn’t show) overlooked. Reenactors and living historians should be aware that this tunic is machine sewn. 

If you do re-enactment, SCA or LARP, this tunic is a great addition to your wardrobe.

SIZE Chest Measurement * Length
S 42" / 106.5 cm 40.5
M 43" / 109 cm 42
XL 44" / 112 cm 42
XXL 47.25" / 120 cm 42


*Measurement of garment, please allow for wearing ease.