Polish Hussars Pauldron

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This set of pauldrons is a reproduction of a Polish hussar pauldron from the Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw (Shown in last photo). The hussars were a form of European shock cavalry fielded between the 16th to 18th century. Famous for their large formation cavalry charges and elaborate feather wings.

This pauldron is made from 16 gauge mild steel and the accents are made from brass. The pauldrons attach to the shoulders with a strap and buckle around the bicep and a leather tab at the top which is laced onto a gorget or cuirass. The pauldrons lames articulate for better movement. 

The interior of the pauldrons are blackened to improve corrosion resistance.

Price includes left and right pauldrons only. Full Hussar cavalry armour harness including helm, gorget, spaulders, vambraces, leg and cuirass showed is available separately and not included.