Polish Hussars Cuirass

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This Cuirass is a reproduction of a Polish Cuirass from the Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw (Shown in last photo). The hussars were a form of European shock cavalry fielded between the 16th to 18th century. Famous for their large formation cavalry charges and elaborate feather wings.

This Cuirass is made from 16 gauge mild steel and the accents are made from brass. The breastplate has the round style back plate which was influenced by Ottoman style armour. This style did exist but was uncommon in Poland during the period. This armour was made using this style because it enables a wider variety of body styles to fit the armour without the requirement of it being custom made.

The interior of the Cuirass is blackened to improve corrosion resistance. The three lames articulate to allow for better movement and bending of the torso.

Price includes breastplate and backplate only. Full Hussar cavalry armour harness including helm, gorget, spaulders, vambraces, leg and cuirass showed is available separately and not included.

Currently available in XL size (66 cm) when measured across the front of the chest.