Police Bobby Whistle Key Chain

Make Your Own Medieval

$7.99 AUD 


This key chain features a functional police bobby whistle.

The bobby whistle was commonly used by the police from the 1880s until the introduction of radios in the 1970s. Similar whistles were used by the navy, fire service and army.

Also called a general service whistle they were used to call for backup, alert others of danger and give directions. The loud sound of the whistle carried for some distance and the distinct sound made it easy to distinguish with background noise, allowing the officer to alert other police in the vicinity who could then follow the sound of the whistle to locate the officer in need of assistance.  The whistle was used in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and across the British Empire during the Victorian era.

The police whistle continues to be a symbol of law and order and is the source of the term 'Whistleblower', meaning to expose injustice or corruption.

This key ring is made from 100% brass so it is durable and will resist corrosion and has a  thread tightening oval ring to secure your keys.

The whistle measures 7.5cm and the chain and loop measure 7cm in length.

A great police or fire service themed gift for dad.