Pitney Urnes Style Viking Belt Buckle - 30mm Strap Width

Make Your Own Medieval

$18.95 AUD 


A Viking style belt buckle based on the design of Pitney brooch artefact found in the churchyard of Pitney in England. The original artefact is estimated to be dated from 11th century late Viking period. An example of the Urnes style of art, the buckle has a scalloped border and an openwork design of an animal in combat with a coiled serpent. A combination of both Anglo Saxon and Viking artistic elements. The motif of creatures interwoven in combat is stylistically Scandinavian and the tightly scrolled terminals and a scalloped border is most likely Anglo Saxon in origin.  

The buckle is 5cm in diameter.

The original artefact can be viewed on the British Museum website on the link below.