Morsica 14th Century Deck of Cards

Make Your Own Medieval

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This deck is a reproduction of the 14th century playing card deck found in Spain. Known as the Morrsica deck they are the earliest known playing cards to survive from the Middle Ages. The deck is estimated to have been made in 1390 and is currently on display at the Forinier Card Museum in Spain. The original deck is missing ten cards which have been recreated for this reproduction deck based on original drawings.

The original deck was printed using wood blocks and coloured using strokes from a finger dipped in paint.

The deck is made from quality card stock (bridge size) and has been designed to for everyday use.

A great gift for father’s day, buy some coins to complete your medieval gambling set.

The set comes with a plastic case to protect the cards when not in use.

Please note that the current cards we have in stock have a parchment paper color background and not a white background as shown in the photos below. The white background version of these cards has been discontinued.