Mini Roman Lorica Segmentata Armour

Make Your Own Medieval

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Is your desk at work a little vacant? Are you looking for a gift for a work colleague or friend with an interest in Roman military history? This armour is a scale reproduction of a real type of armour worn by the Roman legionary called the Lorica Segmentata.


The lorica segmentata is a type of segmented cuirass armour used by soldiers of the Roman army. The armour was made from overlapping metal strips fastened together with leather straps. This design gave the segmentata strength and flexibility and good defence against stabbing weapons when used in conjunction with the scutum shield. The segmentata was also lighter than the lorica hamata (mail) and provided better shoulder protection.


It is believed that this style of armour was worn by Roman Legionaries between the first century BC to early 4th century and may have declined in use due to the higher cost of manufacture and maintenance compared to mail armour.


This model armour is made from 22 gauge stainless steel so it will resist corrosion and better maintain its polish and shine. The rivets, fittings and hinges are made of brass


The armour measures 22.5cm in height by 25.5cm in width.


This item is not just a paperweight, it’s a work of art.