Medieval Eric of Pomerania Reproduction Belt

Make Your Own Medieval

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Make Your Own Medieval experience with this reproduction Medieval belt.

This belt buckle and stap end are based on an extant artefact found in Fredensborg Palace Denmark called the Eric of Pomerania belt.

The mounts on the original belt date from an earlier period (1250-1325) to the buckle and strap end which are a mid 14th to mid 15th-century design.The original artefact is a woven belt with 27 belt mounts set with red, green and blue semi-precious stones.The square buckle has the inscription: help ghot un maria nu altit (God and Mary always be our help). For this belt we have swapped the original style mounts (also available) for quarterfoil mounts.

This reproduction is made from brown leather with a strap width of 2.5 cm and is approximately 160 cm long. The belt features a bold, square buckle and decorative strapend. The length is decorated with 22 belt mounts fitted with domed rivets. This Belt has some holes pre-stamped into it, however depending on your size you may need to add some more holes. If you would like us to stamp several holes in the belt please let us know how far the holes should be from the end of the belt and we can stamp them for you.