Medieval Pilgrim Bag

Make Your Own Medieval

$12.95 AUD 



Shoulder bags worn by pilgrims are one of the most commonly depicted bags used in the Medieval era particularly after the 12th century. These bags were often decorated with religious symbols associated with particular saints or apostles the pilgrim was on the way to visit or returning from. These bags carried the belongings of the pilgrim, their supplies and food for the journey. Compared to the baggage a modern person takes on a small weekend away it is amazing to think of how little a pilgrim carried on their person for a journey that could take years walked on foot.

For those not on a pilgrimage, this bag is useful for visiting the market at your next event or stowing your modern devices. Great for reenactors who want a way to carry and hide modern items when coming and going from the encampment, such as a camera or phone, without breaking the immersion for the public. Also great as a toiletry bag-- don’t be caught without toilet paper again in the cold mornings before the toilet paper has been topped up. The bags rolls or folds up for easy storage so it will not take up much room with your camp kit.

The bag is made from jute fabric, which is a natural fibre similar to flax, which is spun and woven into a strong fabric. Jute is generally considered the most environment-friendly fabric fibre as the expired fibres can be recycled more than once.

Measuring approx 33cm Wide and 33cm tall.

A practical accessory for Living History, Reenactment, SCA or LARP.