Eric of Pomerania Reproduction Medieval Belt set - 25mm Strap Width

Make Your Own Medieval

$39.95 AUD 


Make Your Own Medieval experience with this reproduction Medieval belt set.

This buckle and strap end are based on an extant artefact found in Fredensborg Palace Denmark called the Eric of Pomerania belt.

The mounts on the original belt date from an earlier period (1250-1325) to the buckle and strap end which are a mid 14th to 15th century design. The original artefact is a woven belt with 27 belt mounts set with red, green and blue semi-precious stones. The square buckle has the inscription: help ghot un maria nu altit (God and Mary always be our help). For this belt set we have swapped the original style mounts (also available) for quarterfoil mounts.

This set includes a matching belt buckle and strap-end set with ten mounts and 28 brass washers.

On the back of both the buckle and strap end there are four 7mm posts to attach the fittings to a belt. The belt mounts each have two 7mm posts. To install these mounts insert the mount through the leather, place the washer on the post and peen the post down. If you are using a thin piece of leather you may need to trim a few millimeters off the post depending on the thickness of the leather.

To fit the strap into the attached plate the belt strap will need to be 25mm wide. The buckle can take a strap of up to 32mm in size if you wish to narrow the strap where it fits into the buckle plate.

This style of“spectacle buckle” with integral plate first came into use in the 14th century and remained in use into the 15th and early 16th centuries.

Washers are included.

Sold here in a complete set for a discounted rate.

This set is most suitable for 14th and 15th century historical re-enactment, LARP and SCA clothing and personas.