Medieval Glass Berkemayer - light green

Make Your Own Medieval


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This handmade glass with knobs is modelled after glasses originating in the 15th century. The style is called Berkenmayer and the shape is still used in glassware today. This glass is perfect for a late medieval or renaissance persona, or would make a beautiful statement piece in your modern home.

Medieval craftsmen took great pride in decorating their work. One of the common ways to decorate drinking glasses was to put knobs (or bumps) on them. This also served to make the glasses less slippery, and less likely to be dropped when used.  

The glasses dimensions are:

Weight - 0.5 kg (17.64 ounces)
Height - 10.5 cm (4.13 inches)
Capacity - 280 ml (0.59 pints)

This glass is a light green colour.