Medieval Functional Combat Arming Sword Type VIII

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Made from high carbon EN45 steel and tempered to a hardness 52-55, this is a functional combat sword. The tang is one piece and peened over at the pommel. The sword measures 101cm with a blade length of 83cm. The handle is 12cm in width with a moulded leather grip, the hilt is 21cm in width and the blade is 4.7cm wide at the hilt with a striking edge of 2.5mm. The approximate weight of the sword is 1625kg.
The sword includes a scabbard with a 138cm long belt and buckle. We also sell a wide range of buckles to customise your belt.
The sword is blunt but has a pointed tip. To enable the sword to be safe for re-enactment combat the tip will need to be rounded. We recommend care when rounding the tip to ensure that the temper is not removed by overheating.

This sword is most suitable for 12th,13th and 14th century re-enactment.
This style of Medieval sword is identified by the historian Ewart Oakeshott as sword type XIII in the book Records of the Medieval sword. Surviving examples are estimated to range in date from as early as the 12th century to 15th century. Oakeshott in the book The Sword in The Age of Chivalry identifies this pommel type as “J” and notes that “This type is seldom found in swords earlier in date than c.1250 or in ones later than c.1425”
Images of this sword style in art are most common between 1250-1370 and appear in German, French, English and Spanish effigies.