Medieval Arming Sword – Reenactment Combat Sword 13th - 14th Century

Make Your Own Medieval


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Make Your Own Medieval Experience with this functional Medieval arming sword.

Made from high carbon EN45 steel and tempered to a hardness 52-55, this is a functional re-enactment combat sword. The tang is one piece, unwelded and peened over at the pommel. The sword measures 93.5cm/ 36.81” with a blade length of 75.5cm/ 29.72” The handle is 4cm/ 1.57” in width and 12.5cm in length, the hilt is 18.5cm in width and the blade is 4.5cm wide at the hilt with a striking edge of 2.5mm. The approximate weight of the sword is 1355 grams and the scabbard is 545 grams (combined weight 1900 grams).

The sword includes a stitched leather scabbard with wooden core. The sheath features a decorative steel chape and locket

The sword features a wheel pommel type of sword type XII (pommel type H). Identified by the historian Ewart Oakeshott in the book Records of the Medieval sword. Oakeshott suggests that swords of this style were most commonly in use between c.1275 and c.1340. 

Designed for historical re-enactment combat the sword is blunt with a rounded tip.

This style of sword is most appropriate for 13th and 14th century re-enactment.