Madder Dyed 8ply Wool Yarn

Make Your Own Medieval

$12.60 AUD 


Naturally dyed wool adds authenticity to your historic crafts or charm and beauty to your modern crafting.

This wool was dyed here in Australia with madder root.  Madder root has been used as a dye in Europe since ancient times and can be used to create a range of colours, but is perhaps most well known for reds and oranges.

Wool content: 100% Merino Wool

Wool Weight: 8 ply/DK

Wool Structure: 4 ply

This wool is suitable for weaving warp and weft, knitting, nalbinding, fingerloop braiding, crochet and other medieval or modern crafts requiring wool yarn.

This listing is for 50 grams of wool. This skein was dyed at Abbey Medieval Festival over a fire without access to scales for weighing the dyestuff, for this reason this particular colour is a one off. The colour does vary throughout the skein, this adds a life to your finished product that cannot be achieved with commercially dyed yarns.

Please note that while every effort has been made to represent the colours accurately, the appearance of the colour will vary between monitors.

Care: handwash in cool water. Squeeze excess water and dry flat in shade. If using this in conjunction with other colours we recommend washing before use. Do not soak.