Light Blue 4ply Wool Yarn

Make Your Own Medieval

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Naturally dyed wool adds authenticity to your historic crafts or charm and beauty to your modern crafting.

This wool is dyed with natural indigo. Globally, indigo dyed textiles date back thousands of years.  In Europe indigo has been found from ancient Greece and Rome where it was obtained from India in trade. Indigo wasn’t readily available in Europe in the high and late middle ages, with some countries having a ban on its importation. The dye in indigo is almost chemically identical to the dye found in woad, however it is present in much higher concentrations in indigo than in woad. Historically it was feared that allowing the importation of indigo would negatively impact the local woad growers and producers.

Wool content: 100% Wool

Wool Weight: 4 ply/Fingering

Wool Structure: 2 ply

Colour: light blue

This wool is suitable for weaving weft, knitting, nalbinding, fingerloop braiding, crochet and other medieval or modern crafts requiring wool yarn. This is a light and lofty yarn, and may not hold up to use as weaving warp.

This listing is for 50 grams of wool. The colour will vary slightly within each skein of wool because it is hand dyed. This adds a life to your finished product that cannot be achieved with commercially dyed yarns.

Please note that while every effort has been made to represent the colours accurately, the appearance of the colour will vary between monitors.


Care: handwash in cool water. Squeeze excess water and dry flat in shade. You may experience some ‘crocking’ when working with this yarn. Please note that this is a natural property of the indigo dye.