leather Scale Armour

Make Your Own Medieval

$499.95 AUD 
Size:  Medium


Make your own dark ages experience with this leather scale armour which covers the torso and shoulders.
Great for early Viking, Celtic and Middle Eastern, Japanese, Mongolian and Asian costume and clothing.

The scale armour is built on a 1.5mm thick leather jerkin with 3mm thick scales attached with two rivets. The larger scales on the body measure 82mm long by 52mm wide. The smaller scales on the shoulders measure 61mm long  by 38.5mm wide.

The scale armour has three buckles and sturdy straps own either side so that it’s adjustable to fit a wider variety of sizes.

The armour is functional and suitable for re-enactment, LARP and SCA.
Available in three Sizes (measured flat across the front of the chest)
52.5 cms (MEDIUM)
60 cms (LARGE)
66 cms (XL)