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Large Greek Gorgon brass Mount
Large medusa Gorgon Mount

Large Greek Gorgon Mount

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This large size mount features a grinning gorgon face with fangs and stylised snakes for hair.

In Greek mythology the Gorgon was a monster with hair of living venomous snakes who could turn those who beheld them into stone. Gorgons are sometimes depicted or described as having wings, claws, tusks or fangs and flared nostrils. The most famous Gorgon was Medusa who was slain by Perseus. The Gorgons were attributed with various magical powers such as the ability to heal, poison or injure.

The Gorgon appears to have been used as a protective symbol or amulet to ward of evil in Greek and Macedonian culture. Symbols of the Gorgon head in grotesque or aggressive expressions with protruding tongues and snakes appear on shields and armour and sometimes on tombstones and on doors.  

The mount is made from solid brass and weighs 360 grams.

The mount measures 11cm by 10.5cm

The back of the mount has four posts which are 1cm tall (not including the screws) with screws to hold the mount in place.

Depending on what the mount is being attached to using some brass washers or a plate will help to keep the mount in place.

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