Kaleidoscope Wheel of Imagination

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The kaleidoscope is an optical device consisting of two or more mirrors that reflect images in a symmetrical geometric pattern enclosed in a tube with a viewing eyehole at one end. Within the tube are pieces of coloured glass, beads or tinsel and when the tube is rotated the material inside tumble into different patterns resulting in a changing view being presented.

The kaleidoscope was invented during the Regency era in 1816 by David Brewster a Scottish inventor who named his invention after the Greek words kalos (beautiful), eïdos (form), and skopeïn (to view). Kaleidoscopes became very popular during the Victorian era.

This kaleidoscope has two wheels which can be rotated independently to provide a large range of colours and shape variations.

This kaleidoscope is made from brass with an antiqued finish and measures 18.5cm in length and 6cm in diameter.