Hourglass Key Ring

Make Your Own Medieval

$4.95 AUD 


Do you know a person who is mad keen for fishing, boating or naval history? Give them a gift they can use, that won’t just sit on a shelf. This key ring is made from 100% brass so it is durable and will resist corrosion. This key ring features a  functional hourglass with sand and has a thread tightening oval ring to secure your keys.

Evidence for the common use of the marine hourglass on board ship starts to appear from approximately the 14th century. Sandglasses were used for maritime travel to measure time at sea for plotting and estimating navigational course. For sailors traversing the open ocean, away from the visual landmarks of the coast line the sandglass was an essential tool to plot the current location of the vessel on a navigational chart. When used in conjunction with a measurement of the ships speed and direction the position of the ship could be determined.

The key ring measures 5cm in height by 1.4cm in width (not including the chain and oval ring which is 7cm in length)

A great nautical or maritime themed gift for dad.