Horseman’s axe - Functional

Make Your Own Medieval



This axe is based upon medieval / renaissance examples from the very late 15th century and 16th century.

Similar to the knight's pole axe but scaled down for one-handed cavalry use, this style of axe developed to combat the increasing use of plate armour on the battlefield.

The shorter handle enabled the strike to be delivered with high concussive force while still retaining control of the weapon.

The thick curved blade of the axe could cut as well as bludgeon. The pick spike on the back served to balance the weapon and was adept at striking and penetrating between plate armour.  

The two steel rondel disks on the handle protect the hand and provided additional grip

The handle is large enough to accommodate a gauntlet.

Made from high carbon EN45 with a wrapped leather handle. This functional axe is not suitable for reenactment combat due to the sharp points.

Stand shown in picture not included and available separately.

The axe measures:

length 50.8cm

Width 23.7cm

Handle internal width 15.3

Blade thickness 5mm

handle thickness 15mm

Total weight 1.4 kilograms