Gothic Henry V Functional Combat Sword c.1275 – c.1450

Make Your Own Medieval

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This sword is a reproduction of the sword found in the funeral tomb of Henry the V in Westminster Abbey. Henry V died in 1422 included in the funerary items was a saddle, helm, shield and sword.

Another example of this style of sword can be found in the Wallace museum (A460 European Armoury I) Estimated to have been made in the second half of the 14th century the original artefact may have been carried into battle during the hundred years war between France and England shortly before the battle of Crecy in 1346.

This style of Medieval sword is identified by the historian Ewart Oakeshott as sword type XV in the book Records of the Medieval sword. Surviving examples are estimated to range in date from as early as 1275 to 1450. Oakeshott in the book The Sword in The Age of Chivalry identifies this pommel type as J1 and notes that “Many of these pommels are shown on English brasses dating between c1420 - c1450 so much so that it is tempting to suppose that this is a distinctly English type”(pg 103).  This sword is most suitable for 14th and 15th century re-enactment.

Made from high carbon EN45 steel and tempered to a hardness 52-55, this is a functional re-enactment combat sword. The tang is one piece, unwelded and peened over at the pommel. The sword measures 91.5cm/36” with a blade length of 73.5cm/29”. The handle is 13cm in width, the hilt is 20.5cm in width and the blade is 4cm wide at the hilt with a striking edge of 3mm. The approximate weight of the sword is 1.58kg. The approximate weight of the scabbard is 880grams

The sword Includes a scabbard with a 205cm long belt that depending on your waist size can either wrap around your waist twice or cut down to size. We also sell a wide range of buckles to customise your belt.

Sword stand shown not included and available separately.