Functional Reenactment Medieval Dagger Type XII. High Carbon EN45 and Tempered

Make Your Own Medieval

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Make Your Own Medieval Experience one to remember with this functional medieval dagger made from tempered, high carbon EN45 steel. 

Designed for historical re-enactment combat the dagger is blunt with a rounded tip. It also makes a great costume accessory for SCAdians, LARPers and costumers.

The dagger is based on the hilt and pommel type of sword type XII (pommel type H). Identified by the historian Ewart Oakeshott in the book Records of the Medieval sword (page 86). Oakeshott suggests that swords of this style were most commonly in use between c.1275 and c.1340. 

The dagger comes with a sheath of stitched leather with a steel chape and locket

Total Length of the dagger in the scabbard is 51cm (20")

Total length of dagger 48cm (19")

The Blade measures 30cm (11.81").

 Approximate weight including scabbard 975 grams