Decorative Medieval Plate Armour on Stand

Make Your Own Medieval



Add some medieval themed decor to your home, office or business with this decorative full size medieval themed suit of armour on stand.

The armour harness stands approximately 190cm high and is presented on a wooden stand and base.

The armour plates can move and articulate so that the helm visor can open, the arms move and the gauntlet fingers can close and open.

Parts of the armour can be worn as the harness includes leather straps and buckles but the armour is not designed for functional wear.

This armour is inspired by 16th century European full plate armour and made from 18 gauge polished steel.

Stylised medieval themed display armour became popular for the wealthy during the Victorian era inspired by Romanticism, Pre-Raphaelite art and the Gothic Revival.

The Victorians were enraptured by the romantic ideals of the middle ages and these ideals still colour our perceptions of history today via popular culture in art and film.

In true Victorian style, they based their armour reproductions on historic armour, but often romanticised and exaggerated certain features. Following in this tradition, this suit of armour is based on a romanticised view of 16th century armour.