Forged Baldric Belt Buckle - 50mm Strap Width

Make Your Own Medieval

$14.95 AUD 


A large belt buckle most suitable for clothing and costume between 1600 -1800. The buckle best fits a 50mm strap.  The buckle is made by tightly twisting a bar of steel and then hammering the round bar flat.


A large high strength buckle great for a renaissance sword belt or baldric or wide pirate style sword, pistol or pipers belt. A baldric belt is traditionally worn over the shoulder across the chest over a frock or waist coat to carry a sword at the waist. Baldric belts were worn by both the military and civilians throughout the 17th century. This style of buckle with twist design appears to have been the most popular between 1630 and 1690.


Suitable for clothing for historical periods including: the Tudor, Elizabethan, Stuart, Jacobean and English Civil war era.  


Source: Detector finds by G. Bailey pg25.