Flemish Hunting Deck

Make Your Own Medieval

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The Flemish Hunting Deck is estimated to have been created between 1470-1480 and is one of the most widely known playing cards from the 15th century. The suits of the cards are based off Hawking equipment used in the 1400's. The suit symbols are: Hunting Tethers, Hunting Nooses, Hunting Horns, and Hunting Dog Collars. 

These cards are visually very interesting and for experienced players can add a new dimension to your games. Great for re-enactment and living history events these cards attract the interest of the public and give you something else to get up to after dark.

A great gift for father’s day, buy some coins to complete your medieval gambling set.

Printed on quality 300 gram card stock and hand cut to an oval shape. The set comes with a metal tin to protect the cards when not in use.