Dragon Belt in Red – 15th Century (1380 – 1460)

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This belt features a solid brass buckle with dragon motif and large hinged strap end.

The hinged strap-end and buckle is a reproduction of a German strap end shown in the book Waffen und Kleidung der Spatgotik with the original artefacts estimated to have been worn in the late 14th century to mid 15th century (1370-1460).

Made from 3.5mm thick red veg tan leather. The belt measures 185cm in length (including the buckle and strapend) with a strap width of 20mm. The belt features 15 belt mounts made from solid brass and securely peened over a washer to ensure the best durability.

Suitable for late 14th century to 15th century re-enactment, SCA and LARP impressions.