Functional Neck Shackle - Medieval Dungeon

Make Your Own Medieval

$34.95 AUD 


Capture your prisoners with our Medieval / Pirate themed dungeon metal neck shackle.
This shackle is functional and hand forged from 6mm thick steel bar.
The shackle is designed to come apart in two pieces for easy fitting and when fitted is screwed shut with the long bolt. The cuff has a hole at the front to attach a chain so that your captive can be chained to a wall or led.
Great for theater performances or to add some excitement to your next LARP event or performance. Place your defeated enemies in irons and show off your captured prisoners of war in bondage back at your encampment.

Create your own 50 shades of gray medieval dungeon, master and slave, fetish fantasy.

The internal diameter of the neck cuff is approximately 18cm. 


A Lord of Battles product