Chainmail Leather Gaming Journal

Make Your Own Medieval

$34.95 AUD 

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Looking for a gift which is a little different for someone with an interest in Viking or Medieval history or is your desk at work a little bare? Do you know a person who loves gaming and geek culture? Give them a gift they can use at their next games night, that won’t just sit on a shelf!

Express some personality in your next meeting with this brown leather journal with aluminum chainmail cover. The rings are made from aluminum 8mm wide 16-gauge mail rings. The rings have been anodized which provides the rings with excellent resistance to corrosion and wear in the humid Australian environmental conditions. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the microscopic texture of the aluminum surface and the crystal structure of the metal near the surface. Consequently, the anodizing is fully integrated with the metal and cannot chip or peel.

The journal is 10.5cm wide and 13cm tall and 3.3cm in thickness.