Chain Mail Sleeves with Shoulder Riveted Aluminium 10mm 16g Rings

Make Your Own Medieval

$249.95 AUD 


A pair of chain mail sleeves with shoulder most appropriate for a late 14th century to 15th century armour harness.  Used with plate armour mail sleeves and gussets are sewn onto an arming doublet or gambeson to protect the arm pits and arms which are not covered by plate.

The use of sleeves rather than full maille hauberks reduced the weight of armour and added to greater mobility.  

Made from 10 mm 16 gauge round riveted aluminium rings alternating with solid rings.

Suitable for LARPers, costumers, theatre and movie productions requiring lighter weight armour with the same authentic appearance as heavier steel armour.

This pair weighs 2,160 grams

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