Boarding / Siege Axe

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The boarding axe or siege axe was a weapon as well as a tool that reached peak popularity during the age of sail.

The double sided axe design was useful for various tasks during sieges or onboard ships. The spiked side being effective for driving between gaps around doors, wooden shutters and barricades and levering them open. The curved head provided a grappling and climbing aid and could also be used for gathering wood and preparing siege works.

Numerous examples of extant boarding axes from the 18th and 19th century exist. However, medieval examples in art work are rare. An example of a medieval double sided siege axe can be seen in the Diebold Schilling the Younger Swiss illustrated chronicles (shown in the last photo).  

The axe head is forged of high carbon EN45 steel and has a durable hardwood handle.

The axe measures 58.5cm in total length and 23cm in width. This functional axe head has points which have not been rounded and therefore is not safe for sports combat.

Total weight 680 grams.