Belly Dancing - Turkish Scimitar Sword

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Captivate your audience with this belly dancing Turkish scimitar sword. Designed to be used as a dancing sword, this saber is well balanced and highly polished to shine under stage lights.

The hilt and pommel are inspired by the spannish Tizona sword currently on exhibit in the Army Museum of Toledo Spain. The Tizona sword was most likely created in the late 15th to early 16th century.

The sword is made from mild steel and is intended as a stage / theatrical prop and is not suitable for combat (the pointed tip of the sword has the possibility to cause injury).  

Belly dance is a dance style that originated in ancient times in the middle east and has continued to be popular to the modern day. Swords can be used during the performance to add to the excitement and display the skill of the dancer.

The sword features a highly decorative solid brass hilt and pommel. The leather wrapped handle also has a gold coloured wire wrap.


The total length of the sword is 81cm

Blade length 62.5cm

Hilt 18.5cm

Handle (not including pommel) 12.5cm

Thickness from the back of the blade between 2mm to 3mm

Thickness of the cutting edge approx. 2 mm

Weight is approximately 1.3kg

Made by Lord of Battles