Bartholomeus bottle - green

Make Your Own Medieval


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  Pear shaped bottles are found as far back as Ancient Roman times. This bottle in beautiful green glass is inspired by wine bottles used in courts in the Middle Ages and is a very typical shape for medieval wine bottles. This style remained popular through to the 18th century. This bottle was inspired by an extant bottle from the 15th century which is currently housed in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

It’s perfect for your reenactment feasting table for wine, water, or cordials, or makes a beautiful statement piece for your home. It comes with a cork, which will help keep your drink clean when feasting outdoors, but please note the cork is not sufficient for sealing in liquids when in transport. In the Middle Ages, wine was typically kept in barrels, then decanted into beautiful glass bottles, like this one, to bring and serve at the table. As such, this is designed to be a serving vessel, not a long-term storage or transport container.

The bottle measures 18.5cm high and has a capacity of 900mL. This bottle is a beautiful, rich green colour.
Let the feast begin!