Ambras Court Hofämterspiel Deck

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This deck is a reproduction of the 15th century Hofämterspiel (Ambras Court –office game) deck currently on exhibit in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.  This visually stunning set of 48 Medieval playing cards is made from quality card stock (poker size) and has been designed to for everyday use.

Commissioned in approximately 1455 by Ladislaus  king of Hungary and Bohemia and Duke of Austria the deck is one of the earliest card games on record preserved in its entirety with all forty-eight cards intact. The cards are called the Ambras deck as they were discovered in the treasure of Archduke Ferdinand of Tirol in the castle Ambras , Austria together with another deck called the Ambraser Hofjagdspiel (Court Hunting Pack of Ambras).

The characters on the cards represent feudal social hierarchy numbered 1 - 10 in Roman numerals, plus a queen and king. Each suit depicts various classes or professions of society at the time and the number of each card represents how these jobs ranked in status at the kings court.

The card suits are the coats of arms of four kingdoms: France, Germany, Bohemia and Hungary.

These cards are visually very interesting and for experienced players can add a new dimension to your games. Great for re-enactment and living history events these cards attract the interest of the public and give you something else to get up to after dark.

A great gift for father’s day, buy some coins to complete your medieval gambling set.

The set comes with a clear plastic case to protect the cards when not in use.