15th Century Burgundian Gambeson

Make Your Own Medieval

$199.95 AUD 
M / Black


Make your own Medieval or Renaissance experience with our 15th century Burgundian gambeson.

Suitable for a mid to late 15th century clothing and re-enactment combat harnesses.

This gambeson is made from cotton, and the sleeve is cut in the 'grand assiette' style that gives the arms a wide range of free movement while keeping the body of the doublet fitted close to the body

The gambeson features sewn eyelets to lace through, not metal grommets. You can overcast these with a whipstitch or buttonhole stitch if you wish to reinforce these. The garment comes with leather ties.

lacing cords/aglet ties also available and sold separately.

This style of gambeson is most commonly associated with infantry and archers from the Burgundian (French) region and looks great when worn under a breast plate (also available separately).

The design of our gambeson is based on the gambeson worn on by an archer depicted in an oil painting on the Saint Ursula Martyrdom reliquary shrine by Hans Memling which is estimated to have been painted in 1489. Unlike shorter arming doublets that end at the waist this style of doublet is longer and extends down to the upper leg for greater protection. 

The internal fabric padding is made from cotton which helps to keep the wearer cooler compared to cheaper synthetic garments.

A photo of the original extant artefact as well as the individual panel is shown below.


Currently available in medium size black.

MEASUREMENT CHART (in centimeters)

SIZE (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
S 50 50 85 42 24 48 58 44 8 21
M 54 52 90 46 26 52 62 48 9 21
L 58 53 90 50 30 56 66 52 10 21
XL 62 54 90 52 32 60 70 54 11 21
XXL 66 55 90 56 34 64 74 56 12 21
XXXL 70 56 90 56 34 68 78 58 13 21


  1. Width under the arm pits (measured across the front of the chest, double this number for the circumference).
  2. Length of the full sleeve.
  3. Length from shoulder to bottom of the coat.
  4. Circumference of sleeve at the upper end.
  5. Circumference of sleeve at the wrist.
  6. Width at the waist (measured across the front of the waist, double this number for the circumference).
  7. Width at the bottom of the coat.
  8. Circumference of the neck line
  9. Upper Shoulder Size (Neck to Puff)
  10. Length of the Puff.