1400 - 1500 Medieval Belt Complete Set - 21mm Strap Width

Make Your Own Medieval

$29.95 AUD 


A matching Medieval / Renaissance belt buckle and strap-end set with ten mounts. Includes 11 brass washers and two brass rivets. 

Based on an archaeological find from the 15th century this reproduction buckle set is most suitable for clothing and costume between 1400 and 1500. Single loop oval buckle with integral box chape plate first came into use in the 14th century and remained in use into the late 15th century. During the 15th century improved crafting methods enabled the creation of more ornate buckle designs.  

The set comes with two rivets which are used to secure the buckle to your belt. To attached the buckle insert the belt strap into the buckle and mark two holes for the rivets. Punch the two holes and insert the two rivets into the holes in the buckle, through the strap and peen the rivets down on the reverse side of the buckle.   

On the back of the strap end and mounts is a 7mm posts. To install the mounts and buckle insert the post through the leather, place the washer on the post and peen the post down. If you are using a thin piece of leather may need to trim a few millimetres off the post depending on the thickness of the leather. 

Buckle, mounts and strapend also sold separately.

Available here in a complete set for a great discounted rate.